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Power of Attorney

I hereby do appoint Lawyer Şahin Baran with the T. R. ID Number 60706093034 Istanbul Bar Association registered at the Tercüman Sitesi A8 Blok Kat.13 Daire 56 Cevizlibağ Topkapı Zeytinburnu/ Istanbul To represent me in any way at any judicial organs of the Turkish Republic, their councils, departments and organizations for any lawsuits to be filed against or in favor of me or in case of and execution proceedings, to protect my rights and interests to file lawsuits to follow up executive proceedings, to participate in, follow- up and finalize filed lawsuits, to ask for arbitration and appoint an arbitrator, to give any petition and document to any institution and organization with their signature in representation of me, to make and accept declarations, to bring into fore witnesses and experts, to accept or deny those brought into fore by the other party, to draw protests, warnings and notifications, to answer those which have been drawn, to offer, accept or deny oaths, to let make explorations, to be present at explorations, to make a new request for exploration, to take records from the criminal record, to reclaim for lawsuit/ to reclaim the complete lawsuit, to return the offer of making an oath, to release attachments, to make a request of bankruptcy to make a compromissum, to make an offer to make a new configuration via an arrangement of bankruptcy, or bymeans of reconciliation with capital markets or cooperatives, and to give consent to those making such anoffer, to proceed alternative ways for solutions of discrepancy, to make waiver of legal proceedings to file action for damages against the state due to actions of judges, to issue and remove interim and executive injunction, to make any legal proceeding at executive offices, the Supreme Court, supreme Court of Public Accounts, the Council of the State, regional administrative courts, Administrative Courts, Tax courts andstate security offices, and any organs founded with laws and other state institutions, to follow- up the relevant job, to appelate hearings, to file appeals against decisions, to make a request of correction of decision or return of the judgment, to make a complaint against and deny judges, experts, arbitrators, witnesses, clerks and other officers, to request transfer of lawsuits, to participate in hearings, to obtain
and give documents by hand, to issue records and copies, to examine files, to let correct mistakes, to represent me at tax offices, tax appeal and commissions of conciliation and any
organizations found and to be founded in the future by law in this relation, to make a request of conciliation, to sign protocols, to make appeal of protocols, to follow up and finalize all relevant and necessary legal procedures, to make a petition for me to be excluded
from hearing to request execution of any and all decisions from the relevant organizations, to compromise and release, to make waiver of filing an appeal, to accept or reject waivers from lawsuits to file lawsuits at judicial and administrative prosecution organs in case of rejection of my petition, to appoint, share and dismiss others for a part of or all of these authorizations, and to execute all and any issues written in this letter of attorney together or separately.

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